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We offer lessons for beginner to intermediate riders, 6 years old and up.

Group Lesson (4 or more)

Private horse $20.00

School horse $30.00

Private Lesson

45 minutes / private horse $40.00

45 minutes / school horse $45.00

30 minutes / private horse $30.00

30 minutes / school horse $35.00

Semi- Private

Private Horse $30.00

School Horse $35.00

Evaluation for new riders

Each new student will be required to have a 1/2 hour evaluation ride so that our trainer may see the level at which to place you. $35.00

Equine Massage Therapy by Alexander Hartdegen

Massage has been around for centuries, even animal massage. Equine massage therapy is working on the muscles of the equine body to condition, rehabilitate and/or relax the horse. The number one goal of massage therapy is to have a pain free contraction of muscle. The general purpose is to decrease swelling, having the general benefits of touch, increase respiration and metabolism plus relax or stimulate the nervous system and muscles. Some treatments I use for a horse’s condition are massage therapy, hydrotherapy, and exercise therapy. Some cases when I use massage therapy are mechanical stress, tension, trauma, overuse or arthritis.
When giving your horse a massage communication is key to knowing what the animal enjoys or when the horse is in pain. Here are some hints on a horse’s body language: when a horse gives you a gentle nudge, it means “give me attention” or “I’m itchy”. When the horse’s eyes are dull it means exhaustion, extreme pain, or sickness. When the ears are forward it indicates interest and even the tail can tell you what mood the horse is in.

When I use massage I follow these components: direction - going with the hair and always towards a lymph area to help remove waste materials in the body; pressure - deep or light depending on what the horse can handle; rhythm - you must be even, smooth, and flowing; rate - slow equals soothing and fast equals stimulating; and duration - depends on what the horse can handle, what is the vet’s diagnosis and the horse’s response.

Benefits of Equine Massage:

1. Relieves Muscle Damage & Tension

  1. 2. Improves Circulation, Reduces Recovery Time
  2. 3. Relieves muscle soreness
  3. 4. Promotes General Well-Being
  4. 5. Stimulates Lymphatic & Circulatory Systems
  5. 6. Increases Performance and Flexibility
  6. 7. Enhances Muscle Tone

If you have any questions for Alexander about pricing or to schdule an apointment please call (580) 277-1710 or e-mail at [email protected].