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B G Del Norte "Alphie"

Alphie is a 4 year old , 17hh Thoroughbred gelding. He is currently being shown in walk/trot/canter crossrails division. He has jumped 3'3"and could go higher. We are currently working on flying lead changes. Alphie has a very laid back, quirky personality. He is a smart guy. He figures things out quickly. He does have bog spavin in his right hind. Vet has said that it should not hinder him.

Alphie is available for lease.




Hummer's Echo "Hummer"


1999 17hh, bay Thoroughbred. Very athletic on the flat and over fences. He will excell in combined training and eventing.   He clips, bathes, loads, ties, trailers, etc.... He is not a beginner horse because can get alittle strong over fences. He is a big sweet heart though.



Congratulations Alex!!